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Google yourself & benefit from this

There are many people googled themselves. Today, I googled myself just for fun.
Firstly, the word "myself" has two meanings for me. My real name and my screen name in web space. Some days ago, I googled my real name. There were so many results that contained my real name. As you know, that's not the real myself. There are so many people have the same name.
So I googled my screen name today. I guessed that nobody will nick the name except me.

There were 554 items in a result. Only one was not for me because of google's fault.
Let's look at the leading items.

1. Twitter / terababy
2. The forgotten Milk
3. digg / terababy / news / dugg
4. terababy on Wakoopa
5. terababy on deviantART
6. terababy's bookmarks on
7. terababy » Curbly | DIY Design Community
8. Community - View Profile: terababy
9. terababy is a member of the Macmeter community
10. Myopera by terababy

The hind items aren't listed here because they get more repeated.
I come to the below conclusion:
1. Google can find some footprints order by the pagerank of the web sites where footprints remain.
2. If your screen name is unique, you can look upon google as your bookmarks. It is a good idea :_)
3. The count of the search result suggest how you are popular. Please publicize your blog where google can find you if you own one blog.



Weekly Diary on Twitter: 05-07 ~ 05-13

1. Record some habit of my cats.
(1) Princess Cat yezhi barks like one goose in the morning
(2) Princess Cat Meng barks like one cock at 6:00

2. There are some fine blogs about cats:

3. Porn sites and content is everywhere in internet. I begin to hate internet.
For example, sina is one of the biggest portal site in china. But there are many porn content. How to protect chinese children?

4. My Exclamation in the last week(I twitter in chinese, translated here in english)

I ask god, is it true that pantisocracy will remain in the world? God answers, it is true, but not in the human world.

Cheat remains everywhere, so faith is more precious.

Rss implements food eaten in restaurant is sent to your room now.

Rss阅读要勇敢的点击” Mark All Read"
Please click "Mark All Read" bravely when read rss.



Make one cook menu using Acdsee

The man who is fond of cooking is an artist. I love cooking, but not one artist :_)

Record each dinner is such a good habit. You can make notes whether the dinner is good or bad, how to improve it.

  1. Take one photo to each dinner when you finishing cooking, then put it into your computer
  2. Create folders and organize cook photos.
  3. Open the cook folders using acdsee, customize the view:

    3.1 choose the view type as "thumbs + Details"
    3.2 choose details, only keep these columns:
    ACD Database: Caption,
    ACD Database: Keywords,
    ACD Database: Notes.

    Caption -> cook name
    Keywords -> what material is contained
    Notes -> anything by yourself

    All settings are done.

  4. Let's begin noting each cook now.


How to make Thinkpad X60 more powerful

Thinkpad X60 has no CD-ROM, preinstalled XP-home, only has 256MB memory. When I prepared to buy it, I realized that its power wasn't enough for me. My usual work is coding. I need reinstall OS regularly. When Eclipse IDE starts up, Java VM will use 100MB at least, the Database Server, Version Controll Server...... But X60 is so mini, owning Duo Core2 CPU heart, and beautiful IBM skin. So I bought it and prepared one solution to its fault.

1. format original OS, and install XP-professional.
2. IBM(lenovo) provide many drivers and tools. I only install some staple ones. That is enough.
3. update its memory to 1GB +256MB.
4. prepare one USB disk and make it roootable formatting DOS 7.0. Then put Ghost into it and make one mirror image on driver C.

Now, I can do my business smoothly.


My first MonkeyScript

I was so amazed with the script plugins on firefox. Yeah! They enhance the website UI so much!
Now I use GreaseMonke and Stylish for GoogleReader, Gmail,, DeviantArt, Flickr, Hotmail,, Twitter, Photobucket and so on.

I am a Naruto fan. And I found one online comic site about Naruto. But one block of advertiesment make me crazy! Who can bear this?

So the impulse to write one script to hide the block come out from my brain.

After read some source scripts, I wrote as the below:

// ==UserScript==
// @name 1mh comic
// @description Say goodbye to Demonoid's most annoying ads ever. (v1.1)
// @include*
// ==/UserScript==

var adContainer = document.getElementsByTagName('table')[0];
if (adContainer)

adContainer = document.getElementsByTagName('table')[1];
if (adContainer)

adContainer = document.getElementsByTagName('table')[2];
if (adContainer)

adContainer = document.getElementsByTagName('table')[5];
if (adContainer)

adContainer = document.getElementsByTagName('table')[6];
if (adContainer)


Yes, I only keep the 3rd(image) and 4th(page control) table. So simple! The script is dirty, but I needn't make it clean.

After install my script, the result page display so clean.

So cool! Ok, let's code anywhere and anytime.

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GoogleReader + Gmail = mine Digg

I have used some rss readers: IE7, News Reader, ZhuaXia(Chinese), FeedDaemon. They are all good. But when I met with GoogleReader, I Wow!

When I read news from rss subscription, I want not only read it, but also keep the best as favorites. And I think I had better keep it into some online warehouse. Note sites or Digg sites? No! I wish one day I could backup them up to the local. The most convenient way is to use GoogleReader's "email" + Gmail's "Label".

1. Create Labels in Gmail.

You can make the label by path: Digg/Big Tag/Small Tag/...
Of course the separating character can be "/", "-" or others you like.
Don't worry about the mass number of the labels. You can only digg the news that you interest the most.

Of course you make the label when you receive mails from GoogleReader. I will talk about it later.

2. When you meet the best news in GoogleReader, you can click "Email" link below the news. One mail dialog will appear. Pls fill your gmail address and send it.(You can use Plugin "Better Gmail" to help you fill up the address .

3. You will receive the news mail. Pls apply label to it. When you have no suitable label, pls make one label by the Digg Label rule.

4. You can receive the mails to your local anyway. That's the best news for me.

Remember, you only can send 99 mails one day by GoogleReader. Or you can get the "You can't send mail" message. I think Google don't want Google be a ogre via mail. But do you need to do as this?


Unlimited iGoogle

Unlimited iGoogle
Originally uploaded by terababy.
This is my first post in fact :_)

The first one is about google. So am I a google fan? Maybe not. In the past three years, I didn't read online news, join society network/bbs... When I meet problems in work&life, I would do some searching using Google. In those days, I felt free and happy. Maybe that's the best living way in the web times. But I know, that's the best living way in the web2.0 times. Oooops.... Let's talk about the topic about this post.

When iGoogle was online, I was hot with it and put some helpful widgets into it. When the number of the tabs got up to six, I can't believe my eyes. Google limits it! My God, huge Google do such things!

Fortunately, I found the below tip using Google search to crack Google's iGoogle.

1. Open iGoogle Homepage.

2. Paste the javascript in URL:

javascript:_renameTab(); _dlsetp('at=')

Then you can see one new tab, then you can name it...

3. After name, press "ENTER". That's OK!