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Make one cook menu using Acdsee

The man who is fond of cooking is an artist. I love cooking, but not one artist :_)

Record each dinner is such a good habit. You can make notes whether the dinner is good or bad, how to improve it.

  1. Take one photo to each dinner when you finishing cooking, then put it into your computer
  2. Create folders and organize cook photos.
  3. Open the cook folders using acdsee, customize the view:

    3.1 choose the view type as "thumbs + Details"
    3.2 choose details, only keep these columns:
    ACD Database: Caption,
    ACD Database: Keywords,
    ACD Database: Notes.

    Caption -> cook name
    Keywords -> what material is contained
    Notes -> anything by yourself

    All settings are done.

  4. Let's begin noting each cook now.



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