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Weekly Diary on Twitter: 05-07 ~ 05-13

1. Record some habit of my cats.
(1) Princess Cat yezhi barks like one goose in the morning
(2) Princess Cat Meng barks like one cock at 6:00

2. There are some fine blogs about cats:

3. Porn sites and content is everywhere in internet. I begin to hate internet.
For example, sina is one of the biggest portal site in china. But there are many porn content. How to protect chinese children?

4. My Exclamation in the last week(I twitter in chinese, translated here in english)

I ask god, is it true that pantisocracy will remain in the world? God answers, it is true, but not in the human world.

Cheat remains everywhere, so faith is more precious.

Rss implements food eaten in restaurant is sent to your room now.

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