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Unlimited iGoogle

Unlimited iGoogle
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This is my first post in fact :_)

The first one is about google. So am I a google fan? Maybe not. In the past three years, I didn't read online news, join society network/bbs... When I meet problems in work&life, I would do some searching using Google. In those days, I felt free and happy. Maybe that's the best living way in the web times. But I know, that's the best living way in the web2.0 times. Oooops.... Let's talk about the topic about this post.

When iGoogle was online, I was hot with it and put some helpful widgets into it. When the number of the tabs got up to six, I can't believe my eyes. Google limits it! My God, huge Google do such things!

Fortunately, I found the below tip using Google search to crack Google's iGoogle.

1. Open iGoogle Homepage.

2. Paste the javascript in URL:

javascript:_renameTab(); _dlsetp('at=')

Then you can see one new tab, then you can name it...

3. After name, press "ENTER". That's OK!



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