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Google yourself & benefit from this

There are many people googled themselves. Today, I googled myself just for fun.
Firstly, the word "myself" has two meanings for me. My real name and my screen name in web space. Some days ago, I googled my real name. There were so many results that contained my real name. As you know, that's not the real myself. There are so many people have the same name.
So I googled my screen name today. I guessed that nobody will nick the name except me.

There were 554 items in a result. Only one was not for me because of google's fault.
Let's look at the leading items.

1. Twitter / terababy
2. The forgotten Milk
3. digg / terababy / news / dugg
4. terababy on Wakoopa
5. terababy on deviantART
6. terababy's bookmarks on
7. terababy ยป Curbly | DIY Design Community
8. Community - View Profile: terababy
9. terababy is a member of the Macmeter community
10. Myopera by terababy

The hind items aren't listed here because they get more repeated.
I come to the below conclusion:
1. Google can find some footprints order by the pagerank of the web sites where footprints remain.
2. If your screen name is unique, you can look upon google as your bookmarks. It is a good idea :_)
3. The count of the search result suggest how you are popular. Please publicize your blog where google can find you if you own one blog.



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