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How to make Thinkpad X60 more powerful

Thinkpad X60 has no CD-ROM, preinstalled XP-home, only has 256MB memory. When I prepared to buy it, I realized that its power wasn't enough for me. My usual work is coding. I need reinstall OS regularly. When Eclipse IDE starts up, Java VM will use 100MB at least, the Database Server, Version Controll Server...... But X60 is so mini, owning Duo Core2 CPU heart, and beautiful IBM skin. So I bought it and prepared one solution to its fault.

1. format original OS, and install XP-professional.
2. IBM(lenovo) provide many drivers and tools. I only install some staple ones. That is enough.
3. update its memory to 1GB +256MB.
4. prepare one USB disk and make it roootable formatting DOS 7.0. Then put Ghost into it and make one mirror image on driver C.

Now, I can do my business smoothly.



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