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How To Create Strong Passwords in another way

"Hi, darling, do you know the password of this computer. I have tried much times but failed."
"It is null, baby."

Is this one joke? No, it often happens. Everyone believe that one password must exist, so try and try.

Of course, you shouldn't keep it null. The problem is how to make it strong and remember it.

Can you speak one east language? If you can, you are fortunate. In Chinese, Mars is --

You can say it "huo xing". No one knowns the meaning among your neighbors. And plus some symbols or numbers. That is perfect!

Some other examples:

Earth - - Di Qiu
Cat - - Mao Mi
Darling - - Qin Ai Di
Happy - - Xing Foo
Father - - BarBar


Roundup: the popular post

Top 1 :The Printable CEO: Emergent Task Planning in excel is downloadable
The file has been downloaded 612 times. If you have some questions and advice on improvment, you can leave comment or mail to me: Or digg it, let more peole share it.

Top 2 : GTD notebook in excel format is downloadable
The template has beed downloaded 144 times. I have realized that there are so many similar templates. So, the next action is do more special and useful template. I appreciate your advice.

Top 3: Hack and lifehack in iGoogle
Google has unlimited the number of tabs. And the widget - "Days Until Countdown" has new version. Please visit Leancode and add it to iGoogle.

Top 4: how to synchronize multi twitter services via msn robot
It is just funny. How will use multi twitter alike services? Why to use them? ~~~~:_)

Top 5: Save energy not only by Black Google

One thought from Mark Gongloff:
"One caveat, though: The energy savings may apply mainly (or fully) to cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors; you may not save nearly as much (or any) energy by switching display colors on an LCD monitor, which already consumes far less energy than a CRT."
But I will still do this even if this can save tiny energy. How are you?