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GTD notebook in excel format is downloadable

I made the gtd notebook in microsoft excel 2000 format. It contains the below 10 templates. You can print it or fill it directly.

This Excel file is obviously based on the D*I*Y Planner. BTW, it is protected under the terms of a Creative Common No-Derivs Non-Commericial license.

01-gtd workflow

02-Personal Profile

03-Important Numbers


05-Day Tracker

05-Day Tracker 24C

06-Diet Tracker

07-Buy List

08-Railway Timeline

09-Priority Matrix

10-Project Tracker

You can download it here, in zip format now

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Save energy not only by Black Google

In a January 2007 post at the EcoIron blog, Mark Ontkush estimated that Google could save 750 megaWatt hours a year using a totally black screen. He reached the conclusion by the mapping table "Display Colors vs Power Usage".

Is it only Google's duty to save the energy? Youtube, Digg, facebook...and even more. Actions speak louder than words. Let's begin.

1. Dark theme on OS

Open "Control Panel" -> "Display", Select the option "Appearance", Select "Windows Class style" in "Windows and buttons" and "High Constrant Black" in "Color scheme".
Maybe you don't like it, you can customize it by clicking the "Advanced" button.

I have modified it myself. This is the preview, and you can download here.

Alternative, you can install Uxtheme Multi-patcher 5.5, "Uxtheme Multi-patcher will allow you to use any 3rd party msstyle theme on Windows XP/SP1/SP2 or Windows Server 2003 (with Themes enabled) just by patching the uxtheme.dll (dynamic link library).".
After install UXtheme, you can download NIOR theme and apply it.

2. Dark style on popular web site

Only for firefox.
Please install Stylish plugin and Greasemonkey plugin firstly.


UserStyle: about:blank - Dark Firefox

UserStyle: Dark Sexy Firefox About:Blank


UserStyle: Google Web Search - dark gray redesign (vC)


UserStyle: Google Reader Dark by oltra


UserStyle: Dark Gmail .5 patch 3 α


UserStyle: - dark gray redesign (vC)


UserStyle: Digg v4 - Dark gray design


UserStyle: Facebook DARK


Setting by "Setting" -> "Design", fill "000000" in Background Color or upload one image in dark or grey theme


UserStyle: Flickr Image Only [Black background]

For more dark style, you can search in

3. Firefox dark skin

You can select the firefox skin in dark theme. I choose "MidnightFox 0.65" as my best skin.

4. Office2007 dark theme

Click star button in office2007, and click "XXX options". In the dialog, select "Black" in Color Scheme.

If you have others, please give me some comments. Let's share the good ideas.

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See Those Fingers, Do the Math or Language?

"Boys with the longest ring fingers relative to their index fingers tend to excel in math, according to a new study. In girls, shorter ring fingers predict better verbal skills. The link, according to the researchers, is that testosterone levels in the womb influence both finger length and brain development." Constance Holden said in sciencemag,

"Scientists have been interested for years in the observation that ratios of finger lengths differ in men and women. In men, the ring (fourth) finger is usually longer than the index (second); their so-called 2D:4D ratio is lower than 1. In females, the two fingers are more likely to be the same length. Because of this sex difference, some scientists believe that a low ratio could be a marker for higher prenatal testosterone levels, although it's not clear how the hormone might influence finger development. The 2D:4D ratio has also been fingered in connection with brain-related characteristics--most often in males--such as depression, left-handedness, musical ability, and homosexuality."

I, one boy, with the nearly 1:1 ratio. But I got nearly full marks each time on maths and am poor in language.

My wife, about 11:10, graduated from Language Colleage.

How about you?