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See Those Fingers, Do the Math or Language?

"Boys with the longest ring fingers relative to their index fingers tend to excel in math, according to a new study. In girls, shorter ring fingers predict better verbal skills. The link, according to the researchers, is that testosterone levels in the womb influence both finger length and brain development." Constance Holden said in sciencemag,

"Scientists have been interested for years in the observation that ratios of finger lengths differ in men and women. In men, the ring (fourth) finger is usually longer than the index (second); their so-called 2D:4D ratio is lower than 1. In females, the two fingers are more likely to be the same length. Because of this sex difference, some scientists believe that a low ratio could be a marker for higher prenatal testosterone levels, although it's not clear how the hormone might influence finger development. The 2D:4D ratio has also been fingered in connection with brain-related characteristics--most often in males--such as depression, left-handedness, musical ability, and homosexuality."

I, one boy, with the nearly 1:1 ratio. But I got nearly full marks each time on maths and am poor in language.

My wife, about 11:10, graduated from Language Colleage.

How about you?



  • At 6:20 am , Anonymous Martin said...

    Well, my ring finger is just barely shorter than my middle finger. I'm mildly autistic and actually had some great trouble with math because of deficits in workingmemory :(

    However I've been able to draw realistic portraits since I was seven, also I figured out perspective-drawing all by myself as a five year old.

    I'm really good with languages too. I'm natively Swedish though able to understand the other Scandinavian languages (they're very similar). My Japanese vocabulary is ever increasing and I speak English too of course.

    Hope info will help ya'! :P


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