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The Printable CEO: Emergent Task Planning in excel is downloadable

Mr David Seah made the ultimate PDF on Emergent Task Planning. He said, "A good productivity form is one that provides focus and stability for the day as a support tool. If the form makes you think too much, it just isn’t as useful."

I made the same Emergent Task Planning in excel format.

There are three parts same as Mr David's:
1. The Schedule Grid on the left side.
2. An Important Tasks for the Day at the top right, with room for 10 numbered tasks.
3. A Notes Area on the bottom right, for keeping track of what you’re doing as the day goes on.

The Schedule Grid on the left side:

The Important Tasks for the Day:

The Notes Area on the bottom right:

About the more information how to use it, please visit Mr David's blog.

Relational link:
GTD notebook in excel format is downloadable

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how to synchronize multi twitter services via msn robot

Do you have multi twitter services?
Twitter, the popular miny-blog webapp.
In China, there are many twitter alike webapps. Fanfou and are popular recently.

So one problem is come up, how to update the three twitter at the same time?
Msn robot can help me.

msn robot for twitter:
for fanfou:
for jiwaide:

1. Open one chat windows by twitter robot, and invite the other two robots

2. This is the meeting among three robots

3. Send one message

4. Show the result on web page



btw: I got the idea from hecaitou.

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