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Work vs Life in the different cultures

I watched one tv play in Japanese - ハケンの品格 recently.

It talks about one temporary worker's story. The leading role's name is 大前春子. She has the glaring ability and countless certificates. But she insists on working as one temporary worker. The temporary work always has three months. Once the period finished, she will make a trip all over the world.

Recently, this tv play is popular in Japan and China. Specially, many young people are eager to work and life like the leading role. This is very different from the past.

In Japan, one word is popular. That is "Work is life". People work hard, and the work is the most important part in life. The young people go to work early, and go home lately. In China, people word harder even without salary when working overtime. No discipline force them to do as that. The culture is just that.


Show my Firefox

Recently, Lifehacker's Screen Tour made the new one "Show Us Your Firefox". Here I show you my Firefox. You can click the image to zoom it.

I have three top favorite folder: StartUp, Add..., ToDo.
  • "StartUp" is similar with Windows's Startup Menu. With it, my firefox looks like one OS.
  • "Add" is the shortup bookmarks' folder for the services such as, Netscape, RememberTheMilk.
  • "Todo" is prepared for the pages that will read someday.
The menu in firefox is hidden by the plugin - Personal Menu. And I use one plugin "Status Button" to put some button into status.

That's all I have done.



How to make one Google Blog Search Form in your blog

Google blog search service is one nice search engine. And you can search articles in one special blog by "keyword blogurl:http://blogurl/". For the blogger. It is better than Google Customize Search.

How to make one Google Blog Search Form in your blog? You need only put the below code into your blog template. And replace the variable - site with your blog url. You can download the code from here

<script type="text/javascript">
function searchblogs() {
var q = document.getElementById("searchbox_googleblog_q").value;
var site = "";
var href = ";amp;amp;amp;ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&um=1&tab=wb&oi=revisions_inline&resnum=0&ct=property-revision&cd=1&q=" + q+ "+blogurl%3Ahttp%3A%2F%2F" + site + "%2F&btnG=Search+Blogs"; (href , '_blank');

<form id="searchbox_googleblog" onsubmit="javascript:searchblogs();return false;">
<input id="searchbox_googleblog_q" style="margin: 4px 0 0 1px;padding: 1px 0 0 2px;border: 2px solid #919191;width=120px;height=16px; " name="q" type="text"/>
<input value="Search" name="sa" onclick="javascript:searchblogs();" type="button"/>
For example, you can search my articles in the head of my blog.

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Can you find my girl?

My girl, where are you? Are you kidding with me?



How to share articles from GoogleReader to Twitter

When reading articles in GoogleReader, how to share the nice articles to Twitter at a rapid? I made one GreaseMonkey script for that, and you can now.

The format of messages
[Tag] Title(Note) URL

The basic function

  • Tag\title\URL are received from articles in GoogleReader automatically. And you can edit them.
  • URL can be converted into tinyURL.
  • Before sending the messages, the words number will be counted.

The installation order

i. Install the browser - firefox
ii. Install the plugin - GreaseMonkey
iii. Install this script

The specification

1. the link "Share with twitter"

After installing the script, open GoogleReader. Below each article, one link "Share with twitter" is added in the toolbar.

2. one mini window

Click the link, one mini window will popup. There are four inputboxes: Title, Tags, URL, and Note. Tag\title\URL are received from articles in GoogleReader automatically. And you can edit them. If you want to talk about it yourself, please input in "Note".

3. four buttons

  • Save - send the message to twitter
  • TinyURL - make the long url tiny. Once you click it, please wait the URL changing from "making urlurl tiny..." to one tiny url
  • Count - count the words' number
  • Cancel - close the mini windows

4. the user authentication

When you send the first message, one authentication is required. Please use your registered username or email address as the username component.

5. show the messages shared

You can install the script here:

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